Sunday, 30 June 2013

Laura's New Bling!

All of us involved with the NCCC would like to say a huge THANK YOU to those of you who not only made it through our Gangnam Style video but then decided to donated money to provide our beautiful Laura with a new radio collar. In fact with the funds raised we were also able to purchase a new collar for Spartacus whose collar had died. 

Laura had previously been fitted with a very large collar (the only one available upon her arrival at the NCCC), which despite not causing her any major discomfort was not ideal. 

N/a'an ku se's director Dr Rudie van Vuuren and Head of Research Florian Wiese came to the NCCC and performed the darting procedures on both cats. The cats were only kept under a very light anesthesia in order for us to quickly exchange collars.

Both collars work extremely well; it is now so nice to see Laura and often not notice that she is even wearing a collar. Cara is very relieved to be able to know exactly where Spartacus is at all times again!

We strive to make sure our cheetahs have the best possible life, we feed them a proper diet, run them for exercise and provide them with enrichment items. To achieve this the collars are vital as they enable us to find the cats quickly, allowing us the time to look after them to this high standard. So again, to all of you who donated thank you very VERY much!!!!

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