Monday, 12 November 2012

Dancing for the Cheetahs, Gangnam Style!

We hope you enjoyed that! As the video states we are aiming to get a new radio collar for one of our cats inside our 500ha soft-release enclosure. The cat in question is our beautiful 9-year-old female Laura who since arriving here at the NCCC has had a large ugly collar because upon her arrival the smaller collar assigned for her stopped working. Not knowing if she would stay with her daughter Rusty we had to put the only collar available to us collar on her in order to ensure she was fed in the first few weeks. The new collar will be much more comfortable for Laura. It will also allow us to use her old collar for tracking training exercises and could be used for a larger animal in the future.

We have also just started a Facebook Page. Visit to keep up-to-date with the daily activities here at the NCCC and PLEASE spread the word to all your friends.......... I mean, how many other conservation organisations have staff members doing a bit of Gangnam Style?!

Thank you :) 

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